Our Motivation

As an element of our main mission, we also will be bringing awareness and fund raising to a specific rare disease known as Usher syndrome.

The reason for this focus is a result of the following very personal experience and why we are on a mission to Adapt The World:

We are the parents of two beautiful children, one of which is two years old and has Usher Syndrome which is the leading cause of deaf-blindness. When we learned of our daughter’s disease we immediately began thinking of ways to adapt the world to her needs to ultimately make it more accessible. We quickly realized that this would be no small task, but if we were to be successful it would mean that we were not only adapting the world for her, but also for anyone else that had similar accessibility needs. The world is full of challenges for people with disabilities, we see it now more clearly then we have ever seen it before, but what we also see are the possibilities to make it more adaptable. I (Jake) am the director of engineering at a company on the east coast and have an extensive background in product development from concept to design and through manufacturing. I am able to take my many years of experience in this field and use it to develop low cost innovative solutions to help reach many underserved people with extra challenges. We are not afraid to commit to something and figure out along the way how to get it done, we have committed to adapting the world to meet our daughter’s needs and truly feel that we can help many in the process.


Learn more about Usher syndrome and get involved

We are telling the world about Usher syndrome.  Join us by visiting our friends at

Usher Syndrome Society

Usher Syndrome Coalition

Help us end blindness

Our friends at the foundation fighting blindness are workign on cures to fight blindness.  Learn more here

Foundation fighting blindness