Who We Are

At Adapt The World Labs we see the benefit of using technology to help people with extra needs, and we aim to leverage technology to solve challenges and enhance the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

Our goal is to develop and provide solutions by using our personal and professional experiences to solve a particular challenge for one person, or a group of persons, and then share that solution to help many people.

Our Philosophy

Many people with extra needs live in a world of isolation because the world is not built for them. At Adapt The World Labs our mission is to be that bridge between the inaccessible and the accessible and we truly believe that we have the capacity to adapt the world.

Story telling

We use the power of social media and all forms of media to tell the stories of the people whose worlds we are adapting and use that as a vehicle to spread awareness. This awareness is aimed to not only help us continue our mission by encouraging people to help us on our journey, but also bring awareness to a person’s particular extra need. Awareness is a key factor to help fund research in pursuit of finding cures to many diseases.